The New Urban Agenda is an outcome document that is universally agreed upon at the Habitat III Conference in Quito, Ecuador, in October 2016 (What is the New Urban Agenda?, 2015). The agenda will develop the ideas on urban development, urban governance, and urban living through building mutual cooperation with relevant stakeholders, committed partners to sustainable urban development, urban actors across all levels of government, and private sectors (The New Urban Agenda, n.d.).

The agenda will be significantly focused on equal rights to all urban population in the globalization era. In addition, major urban issues which relate to sustainable human settlement will still be prioritized on the agenda as a number of slum and informal settlement dwellers increase (What is the New Urban Agenda?, 2015). 

According to Winayanti (2016). The agenda would anchor basic principles as well as commitments to sustainable urban development and become a reference for all of the States to urban development and sustainable housing.

Several drafts have been prepared before the approval of the agenda in Quito (Habitat III, n.d.). The drafts are:

1.Zero Drafts of the New Urban Agenda: Established on May 6th and June 18th 2016 in New York, USA 
2.Draft of the New Urban Agenda: Established on July 18th 2016 in New York, USA    
3.Surabaya Draft of the New Urban Agenda: Established on July 28th 2016 in Surabaya, Indonesia. The third draft will become the basis of the formulation of the New Urban Agenda.
4. Agreed Draft of the New Urban Agenda: Established on September 10th 2016 in New York, USA 

The New Urban Agenda (in form of Adopted Draft of the New Urban Agenda) has finally been approved in the end of Habitat III Conference on October 20th in Quito, Ecuador.

Rethinking the New Urban Agenda means (The New Urban Agenda, n.d.) :
  • Embracing urbanization at all levels of human settlements and across physical space through policies. Building a bridge between urban, peri-urban, and rural areas and help government to overcome all of the urban challenges through national and local development policy frameworks.
  • Integrating equity, which becomes an issue of social justice, into the development agenda as well as ensures access to the public sphere, extends urban opportunities, and increases the commons.
  • Fostering national urban planning and planned city extensions.
  • Deciding how relevant sustainable development goals will be supported through sustainable urbanization.
  • Aligning and strengthening institutional arrangements with the substantive outcomes of Habitat III to ensure effective delivery of the new Urban Agenda.

Meanwhile, implementing the Urban Agenda needs:
  • Urban Rules and Regulations.
  • Urban Planning and Design. 
  • Municipal Finance.  
  • Considered National Urban Policies 

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